Hungary is not a safe country for Roma

‚Where are you Gypsies?‘ — yelled a large crowd of far right extremists marching on the streets of Pecs, South-West Hungary on Monday, July 24 2012 which the local Roma population found rather intimidating. An anti-protest also took place in Pecs, Hungary as far far right wing political and civil groups would use the death of Kata Bándy to campaign against the Gypsies, even though the mother and the family of the victim asked them publicly not to use the name and the personal tragedy of their daughter to generate hate speech or to campaign for the restoration of death penalty.

The same day Roma people in Pecs reported that they were not served in local shops and were also highly advised by local residents not to commute on the streets. Some of the families living in the zone where the protesting took place managed to organize a safe shelter for their children in the areas not populated by Roma people.

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