April 8 – No reason to celebrate – do something instead

Valeriu Nicolae

No reason to celebrate

The European Commission’s (EC) measures to address Roma exclusion are failing. Most of the European public money targeting Roma social inclusion is wasted on irrelevant meetings and unsustainable projects. Member States continue to treat Roma, at best, as a burden on the welfare system, and at worst, as genetically deficient sub-humans programmeed to become criminals.

The level of structural racism within the EC is appalling. The manner in which the EC and Member States deal with Roma inclusion is both irresponsible and arrogant. Most of the main intergovernmental (IGOs) and international non-governmental (INGOs) organisations that are vocal on Roma issues are not doing much better.

Speeches on Roma inclusion come across as hypocritical, considering that Roma continue to be overwhelmingly absent from decision-making positions. It seems that incentives to stimulate responsibility and active citizenship of Roma are just figures of speech.

Roma civil society is a mess:…

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