Roma day and April Fool’s Day


Valeriu Nicolae

 Yeeeeeaaaaiiii – the day we celebrate the Gypsies! The best time for many to rediscover that imaginary Gypsy friend they hung out with, or the Gypsy child they generously helped, when they were young (or dreaming). A great day for many, many human rights activists to enthusiastically click “like” on Facebook, showing once more their dedication to supporting the Roma cause.

 Some will go further and befriend a Roma – Facebook-style, preferably. The most courageous will even talk to a Roma person (or to what they think Roma are: strangely dressed people, those with a nice suntan out of season, and perhaps some horses, pigs, crows, dogs and a good number of bronze statues will be forever scarred by the experience)! Regardless, major changes will happen in the worst Roma communities as pigs start flying once again. The miraculous has happened regularly for the last decades on April 8.


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