Bulgarian Parties Want Concentration Camps, Forced Labor for Roma


In the run-up to Bulgaria’s parliamentary elections, far-right parties are pushing policies of internment and forced labor for the country’s Roma population.

Roma Bulgaria

by Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, September 12, 2014

Bulgaria will hold early parliamentary elections on October 5, following the resignation of former Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski and his cabinet this summer, which came after more than a year of daily anti-government protests. One party running for representation in the new government is the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria (NFSB), which has promised the ethnic cleansing of the country’s Roma by interning them in concentration camps, which, according to the party, could one day become “tourist attractions.”

Mandatory labor and vigilantism

NFSB and the Bulgarian National Movement (VMRO), another far-right party, have made increasingly hostile and racist statements during this election.
A section of VMRO’s program is entitled “Solving the Gypsy question” and proposes to address the…

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