Nazis ruling, 2017. Minister Balog suggests officially segregating Roma schools

Balog claimed that many Hungarian families living in bordering countries such as Slovakia do not send their children to Hungarian schools because “many gypsy children go there”. He added that “neither Hungarian communities nor the Hungarian government have decided whether Hungarian-speaking gypsies living outside Hungary’s borders are a burden or an asset.”

Balog also raised the question of whether an integrated school system is really the best thing for Hungary, and whether separate schools should be founded for Roma children with their own educational programs.“

Quelle: Minister Balog suggests officially segregating Roma schools

Zoltán Balog

Athens: An anti-Roma pogrom continues for a second day.

According to first information, which were published in the mainstream greek mass media, a riot occurred on Saturday, June 10, in Menidi on an anti-Roma rasist demonstration for the death of an 11-year-old pupil  by a stray bullet, durring a school end celebration. The racist mob, aprox. 1500 participants, threw Molotov cocktails at the house of a Roma family, which one of the members is suspected to be the perpetrator of the murder. The riot was the signal for a generalized pogrom against the Roma living in the area. The next day, June 11, the racist mob, aproximately 200 people attempted to attack the Roma community area during a racist rally held for the second consecutive day.  Two Roma houses in the area of Avlis in Menidi, suffered serious damages according to the Police, which proceeded to five detains. The anti-Roma pogrom continues in the absence of the anti-fascist and anti-racist…

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