ROMA_INDUSTRIE? „The link will remain on it. File a lawsuit or help us!”

from the daily life of a Roma woman …

On February 7, I was contacted via email by Wolfgang Gumpelmaier, who asked for my support of the film MANUSHA – The Little Gypsy Witch/ Die kleine Romahexe. I told Gumpelmaier that I think the film is problematic, particularly the title “GYPSY WITCH,” as well as the many clichés in the film.
Shortly thereafter, I was contacted by producer Knut Ogris, with a renewed request for my opinion. I told him that I find the film questionable for children. This morning, I found a link to my film „ROMA MEMENTO. Uncertain future?“ on the official site of his film, serving to raise funds and also market the film. After my request to remove my link from their site, Knut Ogris responded: „The link will remain on it. File a lawsuit or help us!“

see e-mail correspondences (English translation):

On 02/07/2012 at 11:57 Manusha wrote:
Dear Marika Schmiedt, I support the film producer Knut Ogris in terms of online communication for his children’s film MANUSHA –  THE LITTLE GYPSY WITCH. Currently, the film is in post-production and requires the support of the fans. Therefore, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign. Since you have already written several times about ROMA issues, we would be delighted if you could post about our children’s film (blog, website, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Here the link to the trailer, the press release and Crowdfunding page.
Crowd Funding: http://www.mysherpas.com/de/projekt/Manusha-die-kleine-Romahexe-moechte-ins-Kino/
Trailer: http://www.manusha-derfilm.at/film/trailer/
Press: http://www.manusha-derfilm.at/presse/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/romahexe
Thank you,

Wolfgang Gumpelmaier

On 02/07/2012 at 11:53 Marika Schmiedt wrote:
dear mr. gumpelmaier, I think the film is questionable!
with best greetings

marika schmiedt

On 02/07/2012 Manusha wrote:
In what way?


On 02/07/2012 Marika Schmiedt wrote:
a lot of stereotypes ..
even the title „GYPSY WITCH“

On 02/07/2012 Knut Ogris wrote:
Dear Mrs. Schmiedt, I have just received your comments on Manusha – die kleine RomaHexe – the engl. title: Manusha – the little Gypsy Witch! Can you explain, I do not understand you! Do you know the movie? If so where from? In what form?
What’s wrong with clichés – if there are not bad clichés!
We are not doing a documentary but a product made for children, which deals with FOREIGNERS in SCHOOLS, trying to keep children from bullying and ask them to deal with strangers!
AND: we want the film to be successful in movie theatres and also to offer solutions.
Please explain! See the links in yellow below for you to use if you like!
Thanks in advance!

On 02/07/2012 Marika Schmiedt wrote:
I have seen extracts from the film a while ago on tv, orf- heimat fremde heimat.
As to the social and political situation of Roma in Europe, have you dealt with it in a serious way?
and what do you mean by good clichés?
As a Roma woman, I find such a product for children more than questionable.

best regards

marika schmiedt

On 02/07/2012 Knut Ogris wrote:
Well, I am glad that you are sooo expressive – but what is it that bothers you in particular?
Which part?
Did you know that Heli Maimann plotted against me once, because as a non-Jew I mixed a Jewish film? http://www.defamation-thefilm.com also a hornet’s nest – but it all went well, although some of it was unpleasant!
Well then help us, if they know the movie so well.
And tell us what you want?
We are in the final production and would also welcome and adopt your comments and suggestions for improvement, even consider them!
But please do not use platitudes but concrete suggestions –


On 02/10/2012 Marika Schmiedt wrote:

mr. ogris, on your website you have posted a link to my film Roma Memento under the rubric Roma in the arts and culture.
why did you this?
please remove it from your website.
I do not want to be brought in connection with this film.
best regards

marika schmiedt

On 02/10/2012 Knut Ogris wrote:
Dear Mrs. Schmiedt, despite my polite offers for you to help with the improvement, nothing concrete comes from you – the link will remain on it. File a lawsuit or help us!

Knut ogris

On 02/10/2012 Marika Schmiedt wrote:
alright, if you think so, I will publish our email correspondences about the film on my blog and make my rejection public!
besides, your attitude clearly shows how disrespectful, extortionate and dishonorable your actions in connection to this film are, especially towards a Roma woman who expresses her opinion.
please remove the link.

5 Antworten auf „ROMA_INDUSTRIE? „The link will remain on it. File a lawsuit or help us!”“

This is barely comprehensible. Those claiming dispel of stereotype, engaging in stereotype. Further, claiming to educate against bullying, engaging in outright bullying. One question whether this project is indeed advocacy, or simply jobs program for the self-appointed.

Knut Ogris really overestimated himself here. His disrespect and attitude towards you are OUTRAGEOUS! Almost as outrageous as the project (The Little GYPSY WITCH!) he is producing, which is a whole other story in itself! Good for you to stand up against this kind of extortionate behavior! You owe him neither a full critique of the film, nor an elaborate explanation. He should have been gracious enough to accept your position, as well as your really humble wish NOT to be associated with the project… I especially applaud your last response to him!

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