‚Unfit for coexistence‘ These Gypsies are animals

This translation of a petition demanding the expulsion of a founding member of Fidesz was sent to me by a friend. It speaks for itself, and tells you what is seen fit to print in Hungary. It is in effect a call for genocide against Roma. These animals must not exist. In any sense, says Bayer’s article. I have featured him before.

György C. Kalman
To my non-Hungarian friends:

On January 5, 2013, a petition was launched (http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/zárják-ki-bayer-zsoltot.html), addressing Fidesz, the ruling party of Hungary.
The appeal demands Fidesz to condemn and expel one of its prominent founding members, Zsolt Bayer.

Mr. Bayer is a senior columnist at Magyar Hírlap, a Hungarian daily, where he published an article on January 5, 2013 (http://www.magyarhirlap.hu/ki-ne-legyen), about a heinous offense that took place on New Year’s Eve, where the offenders were allegedly of Gypsy (Roma) descent.

Mr. Bayer stated in his article:

„A significant part of the Gypsy population are unfit for coexistence. They are unable to live among humans. These Gypsies are animals, and they act like animals. They want to mate/rut whenever they see someone and with whoever they see. If they meet resistance, they kill. They defecate wherever and whenever they feel like it. If they feel obstructed, they kill. They want to get whatever they come across. If they do not get it immediately, they take it and they kill. These Gypsies are incapable of all human communication. Their animal skulls emit inarticulate sounds, and all they understand of this miserable world of theirs is violence. […] Those animals must not exist. In any sense. This is what has to be solved immediately and by any means!“

The petition quotes his lines and continues:

„This petition with the signatures will be sent to the floor leader of Fidesz in the Hungarian Parliament and to the party leadership.

Zsolt Bayer, founding member of Fidesz, in his article quoted above, has made it clear that he harbours murderous anger toward the Romas („a significant part of the Gypsy population“, as he puts it), and he instigates hatred against them.

Both the ruling party, Fidesz, and their government have claimed on several occasions that they reject all forms of racism. The signatories demand that Fidesz immediately condemn and expel Zsolt Bayer, as a direct consequence of their earlier declarations.“


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